Single and Multi stage Air Washer

 Hindair’s Indirect/Direct Evaporative Cooling unit is a complete packaged unit for two stage cooling and ventilation applications. The basic Indirect / Direct Evaporative cooling Unit consists of an Indirect cooling section, media type evaporative cooler section, supply air blower section, and other sections, such as filters section, air mixing boxes, access section, evaporator cooling coil section, full economizer section offered to customize IDC’s functions needed.
Indirect cooling section consists of a PVC tube type air to air heat exchanger, comes complete with 304 stainless steel casing and sump, water distribution system with moisture eliminators, with submersible or end suction type pump, secondary air intake filters and secondary air exhaust propeller type fans.
Direct evaporative coolers are manufactured with 304 stainless steel casings and sumps to prevent corrosion and are supplied with submersible or end suction pumps, with water distribution header, adjustable valves and bleed-off valve. Coolers utilize 12” deep CELdek or GLASdek media, as manufactured by Munters Corporation or equivalent make.
The units can incorporate return air section, air mixing section and economizer section. Each section is also equipped with air intake dampers, and flat or v-bank air filters.

Features common to all units are structural steel channel base, galvanized steel housing, access doors, high density fiberglass insulation, high efficiency blower motors, and externally mounted and wired electrical enclosures.

Hindair’s standard Indirect/Direct evaporative cooling Units range from 2,000 cfm to 30,000 cfm. and special units could be built up to 60,000 cfm. In contrast to standard commercial units Hindair’s each unit is custom designed to meet the particular application and specific requirements of the project.

Evaporative cooling has made summers more bearable for thousands of years and with 21st century technology provides effective, economical, environmentally friendly, and healthy cooling. Evaporative cooling comes in five flavors: direct, indirect, indirect/direct, indirect/indirect, and indirect/DX. Evaporative cooling works  alone or as a supplement to a chiller or DX system
Direct evaporative cooling
With direct evaporative cooling, outside air is blown through a water-saturated medium (usually cellulose) and cooled by evaporation. The cooled air is circulated by a blower.

Direct evaporative cooling adds moisture to the air stream until the air stream is close to saturation. The dry bulb temperature is reduced, while the wet bulb temperature stays the same.

Indirect evaporative cooling
Indirect evaporative cooling cools air without added moisture. By using a cross-flow,
corrosion-resistant polymer heat exchanger, water never comes in contact with the air
being supplied to the space. With indirect evaporative cooling, a secondary (scavenger) air stream is cooled by water. The cooled secondary air stream goes through a heat exchanger, where it cools the primary air stream. The cooled primary air stream is circulated by a blower.

Indirect evaporative cooling does not add moisture to the primary air stream. Both the dry bulb and wet bulb temperatures are reduced.

During the heating season, an indirect system’s heat exchanger can preheat outside air if exhaust air is used as the secondary air stream.

Packaged Indirect/Direct Evaporative HVAC unit complete with blower section, motor base, motor, v-belt drive, fl at bank
fi lter section, integral cooling tower, indirect cooling coil section, direct evaporative cooling section and inlet louver
with birdscreen.

 The entire unit is to be manufactured by Aztec Sensible Cooling, Dallas, Texas or Ventaire .


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