Fan wall technology


new way to intelligent central air conditioning is called
FAN WALL. In this modern technology, several (usually at least
four) small fan units are connected in parallel in one housing
instead of using one large fan. This arrangement has considerable
advantages. On the one hand, the modular principle increases
flexibility. Depending on the installation requirements, the
number and size of fans can be selected optimally. On the
other hand, it improves the air flow distribution: The result is
a better heat transmission and filter utilisation in the central
air conditioning unit.
Operational reliability: No total failure in case of malfunction
Using several small fans in place of one large fan improves
depending on the installation requirements: In the event of a
malfunctioning fan there is no total system failure and not even
a drop in performance because, with the appropriate design,
the speed of the other fans can be increased to compensate the non-operational fan.
Advantages of Fan wall: That added plus
• More operational reliability
• More performance
• More costs saved
• More installation flexibility
• More energy saved
• More maintenance friendliness

• … the only less: Weight and space requirement!

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