Air Purification systems

Centralized air purification systems
Centralised air purification system’s are fully self contained,
air cleaning systems,
designed for precise control of particulate, gas phase
and bio aerosol contaminants (or any combination)
from process or ambient air. These units feature
a broad range and combination of filtration components
that allow for exact controls to be selected and packaged
to meet individual applications.
The available components include the finest in medium,
high, and HEPA efficiency filters, UVC Emitters , bag filters,  and
 as well as our HCC electrostatic collectors.
Cold plasma technology  and PHI + are also available as option
Air purifier’s feature integral fans sized to fit the specified
demand and efficiently deliver the required air volume.
Air purifier’s can be installed as ducted systems to
control particulate, gas phase and/or bioaerosol contaminants
at the source or without ductwork to remove
fugitive airborne contaminants.

Air purifier’s are available in various single and multistage
filtration component configurations to solve a wide variety
of air pollution problems. They are used to remove
nuisance or hazardous airborne contaminants from
manufacturing processes, laboratory environments,
isolation rooms, and a host of other areas.
Below is a partial listing of applications.
• Metalworking, machining & grinding smoke & dust
• Welding & soldering fumes
• Vinyl extrusion plasticizers
• Rubber curing & forming smoke
• Pharmaceutical microbial control
• General and infectious bioaerosols
• Vacuum pump exhaust
• Storage warehouse air cleaning
• Solvent cleaning & gluing fumes
• Pharmaceutical processing dusts
• Offset printing powders
• Heat treating smoke

• Diesel engine exhaust

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