Benefits to go with HINAIR Products:-

Better aesthetics and air quality
Special care is given during profile cutting and panel assembly so that no panel gap and level difference occurred at profile to panel and panel to panel joint. Improvement panel arrangement with the help of special tools and good quality gasket reduces the leakage into the AHU. This results in better aesthetic, better & good thermal properties.

Design and Energy Efficiency:-
The overall efficiency of the AHU is determined by it takes to move a given quantity of air against the system. There are three major design parameter for efficient AHU making:-
  • Proper fan selection
  • Proper cooling and heating coil selection
  • Reducing the overall pressure drop
Above selection are done by our highly qualified and experienced design team with help of latest selection software for coil and fans, so that you get the best AHU in the Market.
We provide you “low leak cabinet” design which you’re providing cooled air to the intended space only.

Easy service and maintenance

We provide access door with glass window at fan section for monitoring and servicing fan and motor. Marine lamp is also provided which is electrically connected with limit switch, whenever  door is opened it turned on which ease in better visibility.

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